Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

Blue Ocean Strategy helps you create and capture uncontested market space, making the competition irrelevant. It embraces Value Innovation, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost.

Blue Ocean Strategy is the theory that market boundaries and industry structures aren’t certainties. Through the actions and beliefs of industry players, these boundaries and systems can evolve and change.

Blue Ocean Strategy Outcomes

  • Innovate and grow by finding unmet demand​
  • Create uncontested market space that makes your competition irrelevant​
  • Change your mindset to look past current market boundaries​
  • Learn and apply proven processes and tools that will become a part of your strategic planning​
  • Gain buy-in from key employees/members to drive and own the process​
  • Create a leap in value for both buyers and the company​
  • Break the value-cost trade off, and “break-down the current market walls”

Blue Ocean Strategy Services

  • We will guide you through the steps needed to make a Blue Ocean Shift and create uncontested market space. The process is as follows:​
  • Choose the right place to start and construct the right team​
  • Visual Awakening​
  • Visualize how customers view you and your competitors, and see the need to better differentiate your offering​
  • Visual Exploration​
  • Put yourself in the customers’ shoes by understanding the customers’ entire buyer experience cycle and problems they incur. ​
  • Develop Blue Ocean opportunities​
  • Find commonalities in potential non-customers and determine what competing factors to eliminate, reduce, raise, or create to a leap in value for the customer​
  • Test, validate and launch your new Blue Ocean offering​
Brian Gladden
Blue Strategy Logo

Brian is one of the leading Blue Ocean Strategists in the US. He has been trained by the Blue Ocean Academy and has spent years researching Blue Ocean Strategy.