Business Model Canvas

What is Business Model Canvas Framework?

The Business Model Canvas is a 1-page view of your business model.

The left side is the Supply Side view, or vendor side.

The right side is the Demand Side View, or customer side.

The Value Proposition, or your offering, is in the Center.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas can incorporate Design Thinking principles to help us determine if your offering is:​

  • Desirable: Does anyone want it?​
  • Feasible:  Can you build it?​
  • Viable: Can you make a profit?​
  • Adaptable:  Can it be evolved?
Business Model Canvas

Business Model Design Outcomes:

  • A simple story to tell the big picture of how you create value​
  • Shared language to tell a coherent story one element at a time​
  • Use of visuals, words and color coding to relate elements​
  • Uncovering of facts versus assumptions in your business​
  • Discover new challenges or opportunities​
  • Reduction of risk and uncertainty in your business

See the Business Model Canvas in Action

Brian Gladden

Brian is an expert in Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas and has been trained by Strategyzer on these leading tools.