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Si2 can help you grow and transform your business by using the leading proven strategic innovation methodologies.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Helping firms create actionable growth plans in line with their mission and vision. Si2 strategic planning activities help you shift your perspective, and focus on finding new revenue-generating areas.

Corporate Innovation

Mentoring executive teams in the use of proven innovation methods to grow their organization. Learn to use the leading proven strategic innovation methods and tools of the past 15 years in order to create growth and transform your company. If you are not innovating you will become obsolete!

Corporate Innovation
Startup Coaching

Startup Coaching

Guiding entrepreneurs to launch startups and create business plans using proven strategic innovation methods to accelerate their time to market and create viable offerings that customers actually want. 


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Keynotes about innovation topics such as Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas, & more.



Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy encourages a company to seek uncontested market space by developing new customer demand that makes the company’s competition irrelevant.

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Lean Canvas/Lean Startup

Leading methods and tools entrepreneurs can utilize to develop a business plan/model. The Lean Canvas is used by startups to quickly define how their solution meets the target customers problems. This data can be used to populate your investor pitch deck.

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Business Model Canvas/ Value Proposition Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a 1-page document that defines how you create, deliver, and capture value. The Value Proposition Canvas assists with ensuring your service or product is aligned with what your customer needs or values.

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Design Thinking

Design thinking puts you in the customer's shoes. It is a process to understand their problems and then ideate possible solutions to the problem. It is about quick and agile testing and prototyping to get to market quickly.

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How it works



Organizational assessment 

Transform your culture; define your purpose, values, vision & mission

Drawing Board


Where are you now?

Visualize how you compete in the market



Where do you want to go?

Ideate on how you can exploit core capabilities and explore new markets



How do you get there?

Gather customer feedback; test and validate your assumptions




Continue to analyze feedback/data and pivot if needed

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