Jobs To Be Done

jobs to be done

Customers Want JTBD

You need to understand your customer’s problems better than they do.  To solve problems, customer’s ‘hire’ products and services to “get a job done!” 

The next evolution of uncovering customers problems is to think of problems as “what job the customer is trying to get done.”  The job to be done (JTBD) method helps businesses determine which customer needs are unmet, systematically conceptualize breakthrough products, and understand the progress your customer is looking to make.

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Customer’s have three types of jobs to be done:  Functional, Emotional, and Social.

Usually, customer’s have more than one job to get done at a time.   We want to help you focus on the most significant high value jobs.  Jobs-to-be-Done Theory provides a framework for defining, categorizing, capturing, and organizing all your customers’ needs.

jobs to be done

Example:  Hanging A Painting

As a homeowner, you want to hang a painting on your wall.  However, the only current way you know how to do that is by drilling a hole in your wall to put in a molly bolt and hook.  The problem with drilling a hole in your wall are several:  1) you now have a hole in your wall, 2) you need to buy a drill and drill bit to make the hole, and 3) you have a mess to clean up.

How can we get the job of hanging a painting done in a better way?

Answer:  3M Mounting Tape

If you go to Home Depot or Lowes and venture to the power tools department,  you will find 3M Mounting Tape in the same area. Why?  Because it is getting the same ‘job to be done’ compelted as a drill!


We will show you how to:

– To conceptualize a new product customers will love

– To develop a product that is significantly different from what your competitors offer

Our programs include the following:

– JTBD Workshops

-Consulting Within Your Business

The JTBD Method will teach you how to do all of this, and more.

jobs to be done

Jobs-To-Be-Done Workshop

Uncover Big Problems Worth Solving

Map insights from customer interviews to understand the causal forces that drive customer behaviour.

Too many organizations throw their half-baked solutions over the fence at customers. But when customers encounter a half-baked product, they don’t turn into early adopters or testers; they leave.

We have to level up our game and start with better products.
We aid you in understanding what events push, pull, trigger etc the customer to buy products, allowing you to build something somebody wants.

Workshops are run virtually and in person, allowing you to build a program that suits your situation.

Learn the skills, processes and tools needed for unearthing customer struggles


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Brian Gladden


Brian is an expert in jobs to be done concepts.  LeanStack and Strategyzer both use these concepts in their frameworks and tools.