Social Innovation

Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

You could be a startup or a current business making a difference in the World. The same tools and frameworks as used with a Lean Startup or Business Model Innovation can be used to make a big Social Impact, with just a few modifications.


  • Learn how to document your social impact business model
  • Uncover and validate the needs of the various beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Understand the players in your ecosystem that are key to making a scalable impact with your venture
  • Review the triple-bottom line: People, Planet, Profits
  • Social innovation is the invention, development, and implementation of new ideas to solve social problems faced by individuals, groups or communities
    Social Innovation
  • Learn the concepts and tools to help social innovators develop and deploy effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.
    Impact Eco System
  • Three barriers repeatedly block social innovations from reaching their broadest impact: scarce funds for growth, the fragmented nature of the social innovation ecosystem, and deficiencies in leadership.
  • The innovation continuum describes the process through which social innovations evolve to create impact at scale, and helps us to identify the needs, opportunities, and strategies most critical at various points in a social innovation’s trajectory.
    Social Innovation

Social Impact Coaching

The coaching can start or stop at any point along the continuum that you choose.

The key hi-level areas that we recommend to focus on are:

Starting with the end in mind

  • You must understand the various beneficiaries needs and problems in order to ensure a social impact venture will be successful.

The Impact Business Model

  • The Mission Model Canvas or Impact Business Model is used in place of the Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas.

Modal Canvas

Ecosystem View

  • Who are the key stakeholders and beneficiaries in the ecosystem that you must engage with, and understand their needs?

Impact At Scale

  • We must start with our purpose statement and focus on Outcomes and Impact at scale. Understanding how to properly measure the right metrics is critical.

Social Innovation

Brian Gladden

Brian is an expert in Lean Canvas and has been trained by LeanStack as a mentor.