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Strategic Planning & Execution

Planning is Critical in Turbulent Times. We can also facilitate meetings and retreats where the team develops the company’s strategic plan. Si2 can help you determine where you are now, where you want to go, and how to get there.  We can also help you create better alignment across your organization to execute and achieve your goals.

Business Model Innovation

In today's business landscape, you must focus on the customer’s needs if you want to sustain a compettive advantage.  Si2 corporate innovation and business model innovation services will help you shift your perspective, find new revenue-generating opportunities, and reduce risk. 

Culture of Innovation

Without a strong culture you will not be able to sustainably execute your strategies.  People want to know what your company stands for.  Employees want purpose.  Si2 can help you design the culture you want and map the current culture so it can be transformed.  We embed innovation into the culture from the beginning. 


Organizational assessment

Design your culture.  Define your purpose, values, & vision. Create a culture of innovation

Drawing Board


Where are you now?

Document your business model.  Visualize how you compete



Where do you want to go?

Discover how you can exploit core capabilities and explore new markets



How do you get there?

Gather customer insights. Validate assumptions. Create new models



Execute, Monitor & Manage

Deploy OKRs. Monitor external forces. Embed innovation into your culture and planning

Sign up for your free strategy session now. 

Sign up for your free strategy session now.