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Innovating Through Crisis:
Strategy Planning for 2021

About the Webinar

Business as usual isn’t going to cut it in 2021 because so many forces are out of our control. But, with great crisis comes big opportunity to redefine your industry values and customers’ needs. Don’t become obsolete. Use our expertise to evolve your business model and accelerate your time to market. Stop reacting to the competition and reimagine a new normal of uncontested market space.

In this webinar we will: 

  • Examine external forces affecting your business model


  • Shift your mindset & change your assumptions


  • Identify new customer pain points


  • Reimagine business models and value propositions


  • Explain leading strategy and innovation frameworks for today’s world

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About the Presenter

Brian GladdenBrian K. Gladden

CEO, Strategy & Innovation Institute

Dr. Brian K. Gladden is the founder and CEO of The Strategy & Innovation Institute (Si2). Brian is one of the leading experts in the US on Blue Ocean Strategy and business model innovation. He spent years researching new market creation, Blue Ocean Strategy, and business model innovation for his doctoral dissertation.  He was then trained by the Blue Ocean Academy on Blue Ocean Strategy, as well as by Strategyzer on Business Model Canvas.