What Makes Us Unique?

To help businesses grow, innovate, and compete differently.

To inspire business leaders to be innovative, so they can create solutions for real problems.

To become one of the leading strategy and innovation thought leaders in the world.

Our values are:

  • Service Above Self.
    • Put the greater good and others needs above your own.  Make a difference by helping others. You can’t do everything, but you can do something!
  • Unwavering Faith.
    • Faith in Jesus Christ.  Belief in Christian values as a foundation for thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • Pursuit of Excellence.
    • A relentless pursuit to give maximum effort in everything we do.  Never stop learning and trying to do better.

Who Are We?

Brian Gladden



Dr. Brian K. Gladden is the founder and CEO of The Strategy & Innovation Institute (Si2). Brian is one of the leading experts in the US on Blue Ocean Strategy and business model innovation. He spent years researching new market creation, Blue Ocean Strategy, and business model innovation for his doctoral dissertation.  He was then trained by the Blue Ocean Academy on Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategyzer on Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Testing Business Ideas, and by LeanStack on Lean Canvas, Jobs-to-be-done, and the customer journey. Read more about Brian…

How Can Your Organization Work With Us?

Whether you’re wanting to transform culture, learn how to grow & innovate, or refresh your buisness model, we offer a variety of options. We can customize your experience.
Book a free consultation today to see how we can add value to your business! We can do virtual sessions, hybrid workshops, or in-person programs. 

Strategic Innovation Workshops

 2-Hour Workshops to 1-Day Discovery Sessions With Your Team

Workshops can be created for any of the services offered by Si2.  We can customize the content, exercises, and outcomes to meet your specific needs. Workshops can be part of a longer program or one-off events.  

Innovation Sprints

1-2 week agile sprints with your team to validate findings and assumptions. Design experiments, explore solutions, test hypotheses, learn from stakeholders and implement solutions. De-risk your ideas and projects by using quick, inexpensive sprints to prove out each step of your journey.  These can be stand-alone or as part of a larger engagement.

2-3 day Leadership Retreats

  Hire Si2 to facilitate your strategic planning retreat.  We can also educate your team on any of the modules and frameworks so that you can gain knowledge and skills to be able to implement the frameworks on your own schedule.