Value Proposition Canvas

What is the Value Proposition Canvas?

The Value Proposition Canvas helps you design products and services that your customers will want.

Used as a tool with the Business Canvas, the Value Proposition Canvas is a 1-page view of your customers’ jobs to be done, pains/gains, and how your offerings meet those needs.

Value Proposition Canvas
The left side is the Value Map and the right side is the Customer Profile.

Value Proposition Services

  1. Document your Value Proposition Canvas​
  2. Prioritize the most important jobs, pain and gains​
  3. Examine if your offerings gain creators and pain relievers map to the most important jobs, pains and gains​
  4. Confirm Problem-Solution Fit between your offering and the market​
  5. Innovate your business model by innovating around the customer profile​

What Does a Great Value Proposition Canvas Look Like?

  • Focus on one value proposition ​
  • Emotional, Social, and Functional jobs​
  • Identify high-value jobs.​
  • Focus on most significant unsatisfied jobs, pains, and gains​
  • Align with how customers measure success​
  • Evaluate “fit” between intended value and expectations

Tesla’s Value Proposition Canvas

Tesla’s inital sports car was aimed at a specific customer segment: white males, over 40, with an income over $100k.  These were the early adopters they believed would purchase the car becasue of specific needs they had. We call these needs/problems – Jobs To Be Done.   

Tesla focused the cars features on satisfying the most important jobs that the customers wanted to get done.  As well as to eliminate the most important pains that they were worried about.  

Charging stations were, and still are, the main fear and pain point of electric vehicle customers.  They were worried they would not have charging stations and that the car would not stay charged for very long.  Conversely, the gains section was all about image, performance, and design.  

If you draw a line from the gain creators to the gains, and from the pain relivers to the pains sections, you can visually see how they proved Problem-Solution Fit.   

Brian Gladden

Brian is an expert in Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas and has been trained by Strategyzer on these leading tools.