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Si2 can help you grow and transform your business by using the leading proven strategic innovation methodologies.


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Learn more about the Strategy & Innovation Institute.  See what we are passionate about, our purpose, and our values.  Meet our team and partners.  We want to get to know you!

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Build An Invincible Company

Mentoring executive teams in the use of proven strategy and innovation methods to grow their organization.  Refresh and innovate your business model.  Learn how to create real competitive advantages and find unmet demand.  We help corporations and startups validate new ideas, reduce risk, and quickly create solutions customers actually want.

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Develop Innovation Capabilities

Innovate or become obsolete!

Ideas are not enough.  You must develop innovation capabilities within your company to take advantage of new opportunities.  Learn to exploit your current market while exploring for new revenue generating opportunities.  Develop a culture of innovation by defining your purpose and ensuring new areas of focus align with that vision.  

Strategic Planning Workshop

Create & Execute Corporate Strategy

Helping firms create actionable strategic plans in line with their mission and vision. Si2 strategic planning activities help you undestand where you are now as an organization and where you want to go.  Examine trends, internal operations, and new areas of growth opportuntity.  Execute your strategy by creating and deploying objectives and key results (OKRs). Learn how OKRs can create clarity, alignment, and a shared commitment to common goals.

Strategic Planning Workshop

How it works



Organizational assessment

Design your culture.  Define your purpose & vision.  Create a culture of innovation.

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Where are you now?

Document your business model.  Visualize how you compete.



Where do you want to go?

Discover how you can exploit core capabilities and explore new markets.



How do you get there?

Gather customer insights. Test & validate assumptions. Create new models.



Execute, Measure & Manage

Deploy OKRs. Execute your strategy. Measure & manage what matters.

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