CEO overload is real and it can divert attention from successful growth.

Business leaders who constantly divide their attention can set up their companies for a step in the wrong direction.

Companies avoid CEO overload by investing in entrepreneurs-in-residence, or EIR, who help businesses find balance and leverage its core competencies.

This allows CEOs to focus on the bigger picture while the “intrapreneur” handles new projects.

As any growing business can attest, paying full attention to core business activities has its downsides. Missed opportunities come and go because there’s not enough capacity to focus on what you’re best at and develop new strategies or initiatives.

If you feel like you’re on the cusp of new success but are held back, a symbiotic partnership with an internal partner is a solution. Here are some benefits to engaging in an intrapreneurship.

Streamline procedures and operations
An EIR can dive into the nuts and bolts of any operation.

They can make adjustment at the granular level to meet specific customer demands.

Or, they can change entire business processes to streamline and answer questions more efficiently.

An internal partner can also boost internal communication so every project member is updated as needed. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth and aligns appropriate resources at the right moments.

Develop strategies through partnership
An EIR will have invaluable business experience and insights. Business leaders can lean on their expertise when discussing venture capital and other important matters about business growth and development.

Access to these meetings allows the EIR to connect the dots within the organization and hit the ground running when it’s time to develop or launch a new product or service.

Manage portfolio
Launching a spinoff brand is complex and time-consuming.

For the busy CEO, an EIR can lead the dream project of earning new market share and audience through a new spinoff brand or equity deal.

For parallel entrepreneurs, the extra help can go a long way in avoiding common pitfalls that may arise when pursuing multiple initiatives alone.

Business owners who believe their staff is ready to expand offerings can rely on an EIR to manage the transition so they can focus on leading.

For businesses that are ready to take the next leap, we can help. Our EIR program can complement the leadership that’s already in place by leveraging strategic advantages and boosting output.

We don’t want business leaders to let an opportunity slip through their grasp because they are laser-focused on maintaining their current success. We can partner and take on new bold operations without compromising what’s already been built to give your enterprise the strategic edge to move ahead.